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About Us

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Established in 2021, Symbiosis Business Conference is an initiative taken by the students of SCMS-Nagpur to set a new standard in business learning. It is not an ordinary conference, rather an unconventional platform for business enthusiasts.

The conference functions on the skeleton of MUN. Participants will be roleplaying as executives of global businesses and solve emerging issues in the world of business.

Our team awaits you to take the role of an executive and partake in realization of this novel concept.

Our Objectives

  • To stimulate a conference for understanding the functioning of corporate systems.

  • Executives will put their theoretical knowledge into practice, learn diplomacy and will get introduced to a professional environment.
  • Executives will be exposed to prevailing corporate issues and have discussions to address the same.

Why should you attend SBC?

The world of business is an ecosystem. Which comprises a whole set of conflicts and sophisticated networks, The conference is a virtual gateway which will allow you to understand the intricacies and arrive at conclusions to matter in question with other Executives. The Conference also provides you with the opportunities such as,

  • Expanding your knowledge through interactions with Executives all over India.
  • Since the Executives will represent companies instead of countries, this allows them to discern the operations & inner workings vital to the company‚Äôs functioning.
  • Engaging the Executives to better understand inter & intra industrial relationships.
  • A platform where you can contribute your viewpoints alongside other Executives to collectively resolve the problem set in the committee.
  • A unique learning experience which will prove to be a great asset to your resume.

Presidents Note

Dear Executives & Council Members

I take immense pride that the Symbiosis Business Conference Nagpur, which was first held last year, is now in its second chapter, with all of its grandeur and magnanimity. Symbiosis Business Conference 2021 was a huge success, amassing young people from all over the world to discuss & debate on obstacles faced by modern-day businesses. Participants represented Executives from corporate houses and were able to bring socioeconomic, ethical, and corporate savvy to the table.

SBC would encompass major and the most relevant business and corporate aspects. It gives a real sense of exposure of the corporate world to the participants i.e., how companies formulate policies, how they tackle challenges.

It is an undeniable reality that with a growing private sector and globalized economies, there is a pressing need to discuss the novel business concerns that will arise in this new world order. Thus here at SBC we give you the platform to brainstorm unique solutions for ever-emerging hurdles in the realm of businesses.

The board members are all geared up for tailoring a phenomenal experience for all the Executives & Council Members. We hope you all are looking forward to SBC 2022 as much as we are.

Kunal Lakhani
President, SBC 2022